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Brittany Gardner: SIM USA
Workshop Title: Next Steps in Missions: Keys to Preparing Now

Many believers hear compelling stories of how lives are being changed through the transformative power of the Gospel and they are inspired to participate with God in what He is doing. They just aren’t sure how to go about that. This workshop offers a foundational understanding of our part in God’s redemptive plan for humanity; highlights the unique opportunities African Americans have to engage in cross-cultural work; addresses the fears, challenges and obstacles to consider; and offers practical next steps to respond to God’s invitation. Get ready today, so you can go out tomorrow!



Samantha Smith: World Relief
Workshop Title: “Let go of fear and respond in love and compassion to Immigrants and Refugees”

As Ambassadors for Christ, it is our responsibility to engage those Americans in healthy conversation, and begin to educate them on the long successful Refugee program in the US. We need to demonstrate to them that Refugees are thoroughly vetted and not a threat or a drain on America, but bring immeasurable value to this country. Ultimately, as believers in Jesus Christ, we have a Biblical mandate to show love and compassion to Immigrants and Refugees. God has divinely orchestrated bringing the Nations right to our footsteps. This workshop will challenge you to actively engage in serving and advocating on behalf of Immigrants and Refugees right here in the US.  Will you heed His call? 


Ramon Barboa:  The Voice of the Martyrs

Workshop Title: Persecution Have You Considered the Cost of Following Jesus? Matthew 10:37

How can you be inspired by those faith-filled persecuted Christian brothers and sisters around the world? How can you pray for them…and how do their remarkable stories teach us about a God whose light shines in a dark world?

Those individuals that want to reach the unreachable and those who are willing to take the gospel to areas of the world where the Word of God is not shared…no matter the cost!





Mekdes Haddis: Alarm Inc.

Workshop Title: Cross-Cultural Evangelism: Ways to Show Christ from a Non-Western Perspective 

The Gospel’s message is the same in every Culture but the way to share it differs based on the felt need of that culture. 

  • African Cultures are Fear/POWER based cultures and the death, burial and RESURRECTION of Christ seems to be the most effective way of sharing the Gospel. Because it shows them that they are putting their trust in an powerful and strong God
  • Asian Cultures are shame/honor based culture and they typically relate with the work of Christ’s death on the cross to rid us of the separation from God. Being exposed to having access to everything God owns and spending eternity with him.
  • Western/ European Cultures are Guilt/logic based cultures and they relate with the justification of our sin because of Christ’s work on the Cross and the most effective way to share the gospel is to logically reason out that even though they’re guilty, because of Christ they can be innocent

Byron Johnson:  Vision938

Workshop Title: WANTED: FINANCIAL PARTNERS (Fundraising 101)

Financial partners are critical to the success of your call to missions. So you are convinced of God’s call on your life to the mission field, however, your greatest fear is fundraising. Do you have a vision or mission that is clear, concise, and compelling? How can I fund the mission that God has called me to? Where do I start? What’s necessary for me to be successful in fundraising? How do I communicate my story and/or mission? You have questions? We have answers! Come learn some basic tips and tools to be successful at fundraising. Come hear how to recruit and retain financial partners.



Ron & Star Nelson: Sowing Seed of Joy

Workshop Title: NAAMC Certification Program

Introductory workshop on NAAMC’s certification program. Certified in either of the six specific areas:

      1. Missions Mobilizer
      2. Short -Term Team Leader
      3. Human Trafficking
      4. Tramua Healing
      5. Missionary Care (Offered in 2019)
      6. Creative Arts in Missions (Offered in 2019)

Doug Batson: Cherrydale Baptist Church

Workshop Title: From High School to Graduate School via the Mission Field

Teens and college students! As Global Missional Fellows earn a B.A. degree for $30K, spend 2 years overseas; hone leadership, foreign language, and writing skills.   

Learn about an alternative to traditional college that develops very young adults as missional thought leaders. These movers and shakers creatively take the Christian Church to where it is not: the Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Tribal worlds.






Bishop David Perrin : NAAMC Founder and President

Bishop Benson Kioni

Workshop Title: Partnership Opportunities

Perhaps you are considering ministering overseas but you’re not sure how to get started or even how to make contact with an overseas partner or you’d like to expand to new ministry regions.  Well, the partnership workshop is designed to introduce you to mission projects that have been approved by the NAAMC.  The workshop will present an overview of ministry opportunities in Uganda and Kenya, East Africa.  The chosen projects are diverse ranging from reaching an unreached people group to ministering to children who have lost their parents to the HIV epidemic. 

Bishop Perrin will lead the workshop and several international Partners will be present to answer specific questions and to set up a ministry visitation plan for USA teams. Members of NAAMC have visited all the sites and have conducted training events with the hosts.  This is an ideal way to gain mission experience and network.

Andy Minch: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Workshop Title:  Partnering Across Cultures

Through sharing stories of his life as a Bible translator in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Andy will present the joys and struggles of bringing the Gospel into a non-Western culture.  He will share life changing insights he learned as a Bible translator and from the people he served.

Those who would like to be a missionary but are wondering if it is really worth it.  Those who would like to be inspired with what God is doing through Bible translation and partnerships around the world. The attendee will better understand the process and partnerships of Bible translation along with a few current statistics.  They will gain insight into what it is like to be a missionary. 


Jahill Richards:  Anacostia River Church

Workshop Title: The Joy in Gospel Partnerships!

In this workshop we are going to walk through Philippians 1:3-8 and seek to better understand the joy that is found in partnering with ministries and messengers for the sake of the gospel being advanced. People who would like to better understand the joy that is found in partnering with those laboring for the truth of the gospel. A more in depth understanding of the gospel, how to share it, and a biblical understanding of experiencing the joy found in gospel partnerships.  



Bruce Johnson: SIM USA: President

Workshop Title: Creative Mission Strategies: Reimagine the Possible From sports ministry to medical, from education to the creative arts, engineering to business, social work to economic development.

Let’s get creative.  Jesus used so many different approaches and strategies to spread his good news, and so do we.  You might think of missions as “I need to be a Church Planter or Preacher.”  God uses people from all walks of life and all kinds of abilities and interests in missions.  Join us to learn about many of the ways and brainstorm with us how you or the people in your church could be workers in the harvest.


David Bempong: Riverdale Ministries

Workshop Title: Biblical Basis of Missions

What verses come to mind when you think of the word, “MISSIONS”?  Most of us are familiar with the Great Commission. For years church culture has focused this passage as the theme of missions and the motivation for those who go.  The Bible has a lot more to say on this subject then just the Great Commission. We need to understand the concept of a Biblical basis for missions. Missions permeates every book of the Bible.  All 66 books point us towards Missions.  Since creation, God has been interested in redeeming all peoples to Himself. As Christians, it is vital that we see the world as He sees it.


David Bempong: Riverdale Ministries

Workshop Title: Historical Black Colleges and Universities: The Untapped Mission Force?

Jesus taught us to look and recognize the ripeness of the harvest.  Yet, He qualified this by stating that the laborers are few and then called us to be people of prayer that God would send forth laborers into His harvest field.  This workshop gives insight into how God can answer this prayer through the untapped potential that lies at historically black colleges and universities. This is for anyone interested in missions mobilization or college ministry.







Greg Fletcher: Pioneers

Workshop Title: How to Connect and Work with an International Ministry Partner

I believe God is calling your church to invest some of your people into the global harvest. (See Acts 13!)  Some short-term, some mid-term and some long-term.  It is wise to do this in PARTNERSHIP.  But step out in the hallway at NAAMC and you’ll realize that the options are ENDLESS! We’ll discuss how your church can choose among agencies to PARTNER most effectively. If you are an influencer of missions in your church or just want to know more about partnering with mission organizations, this workshop is for you!






Dr. Bobby Gupta: Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI)

Workshop Title: Understanding the power of moving from Independence to Interdependence in a world of globalization.

We live in a world without boundaries and understanding the synergy of working in partnership is the greatest effort of significance in the 21st century. Organizational leaders, mission pastors, mission’s committee members and emerging leaders and pastors committed to fulfilling the great commission. The outcomes of the work shop will be to understand the skills in putting together a partnership that will be meaningful and purposeful in doing a joint venture.






Dr. Michael and Kay Johnson: Miriam Medical Clinics

Workshop Title: Partnerships for our ministries include World Gospel Mission, Philadelphia Government and Civic organizations and over 10 churches in the Philadelphia community and beyond.

  • How to create a dream big enough to excite, invite and actively include people in the faith community and beyond.
  • How to maintain vision and clarity within a group with disparate beliefs and goals.
  • How to get volunteers and financial support for advancing the gospel of Christ.






Kristie Anyabwile: Anacostia River Church

Workshop Title: “Equipping Women in the Word”

This workshop is for women who want to grow in their ability to handle Scripture and to disciple other women in the Word. Women who want to read, understand and apply God’s word with greater competence. Also, women who are interested in teaching God’s Word to others through personal discipleship, small groups, and direct teaching, dependence on the Lord in prayer for illumination of His Word. Understanding in how to organize a passage of Scripture and discover its emphasis. Learning how the original context of a passage contributes to its overall message to us today. Determining the main idea of a passage.





Tim Sigman and Dennis Washington:

Workshop Title: “International Students – Engaging the unreached through College Campuses outreach”

I.  Why International Student Ministry is So Strategic

II. Training Video – Developing Cross Cultural Friendships. The Power of Friendship Evangelism

III. Dennis Washington’s Story a Journey to Reach the Nations

IV. International Student Testimony

V.  How to Get Started in International Student Ministry






John Van Drunen and Dan Busby: ECFA

Workshop Title: Recent Developments and Why Trust is the Firm Foundation of Kingdom Fruitfulness

Join this session to keep a pulse on latest issues impacting churches and mission related organizations. With a new administration and a new congress in place the state of many policy issues including the future of comprehensive tax reform are going to directly impact nonprofits and churches.  This session will also address how Trust is essential to building credibility with givers and how that serves as the firm foundation in kingdom fruitfulness.







Gabriel Palmer and David Bryant: SEND56

Workshop Title: The Indigenous Missionary Movement: Reaching the Unreached of Africa
The Indigenous Missionary Movement: Reaching the Unreached of Africa. Attendee’s should expect to gain greater vision for their role in the Great Commission while learning of the impact
indigenous missionaries are having on the unreached and Muslim people in Africa. Each attendee will receive a missionary prayer card of an indigenous African worker and steps to further partner with the training, sending and assisting of native missionaries.







Pastor Samuel Kamu Njuguna:

Workshop Title: Blending the “African” and the “African American” Cultures for Effective Partnerships

As I live and work in the USA, I have heard the African Americans ask me, ‘Are you African?’ I got surprised when I heard this for the first time. But with time, I came to learn what prompts it. It is observed of looking exactly like them; but when they open their mouth to speak, it’s not easy to understand them. The frustration is mutual. Some Africans even refer to the African Americans as, ‘Hawa Wazungu Weusi,’ literally these White people who are black. In this workshop, I will share what I have learned about their way of life through my personal interactions with them. We will cover: The general elements of culture; some African cultural elements; some observable African American cultural elements; notable cultural differences between Africans and African Americans and some of their shared cultural values.  I will then make some suggestions on how the relationship between Africans and African Americans can be improved for a more fruitful partnership in the mission enterprise





Salli Varney & Terre Haas: Operation Mobilization

Workshop Title: Market Place Workers: Employment as a Powerful Partner for Sustainable Missionary Support

Fresh thinking, powerful partnerships: we source jobs overseas; help local church send; help job seekers find jobs in least reached places

Professionals: God has uniquely shaped each person with spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experiences He intends them to use as worship to glorify Him and show Him off to the world. Show Him through your life and profession somewhere that Jesus is not known.

Pastors / Leaders: You have people in your church who have been looking for this answer. Can you be the one who helps introduce them to this life-changing option for service?




Ron and Star Nelson: Sowing Seeds of Joy

Workshop Title: Certification Program: Mission Coach Training

People who are interested in being a mentor and coach for a certification program candidate. They will guide and mentor the applicant throughout the two-year program. To pray, encourage and monitor the candidate’s progress through the completion of certification program. Mission Coach is to report to program director during applicant’s tenure of the two-year program.








Robert Duhart: Cherrydale Baptist Church

Workshop Title: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

There is meaning in history. History is His-Story, God’s purpose continues relentlessly from Abraham’s day until the present moment. An overview of the largest and the longest-running movement ever in history-The World Christian Movement. We will explore how the gospel surged through the peoples and places of the world, with the hope that each one of us will find our way of partnering with God in His relentless global purpose. Anyone searching for his or her place in Gods transforming plan for the world.









Dave Shive: Frontier Ventures

Workshop Title: “Ministering to Our Generation in the Purpose of God” (Acts 13:36)

All ministry involves and is enhanced by three partner relationships: (1) Partnering with God; (2) Partnering with teammates; (3) Partnering target audiences. 1. A clearer sense that my ministry is bigger than myself; 2. An understanding that I am partnered with God in ministry and how that changes the work that I do; 3. A desire to discover who God has raised up as a teammate with me on my ministry team; 4. That my ministry relationships involve those to whom I minister – they are not just ministry objects but are actually partners with me









Reginald White: Houses of Lights

Workshop Title: World Mission 101 – The Basics

Basic understanding of Mission. Covering biblical basis, common terminology, and importance of local church involvement in World Mission. This workshop would be perfect for anyone who has just recently been exposed to the concept of World Mission. It would also be ideal for someone not sure how they fit into God’s plan for the redemption of the world.













Don Johnson: SEND

Workshop Title: Seven Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission

The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission helps make mission trips better. This introductory workshop will present the 7 Standards. This workshop would benefit anyone who is a sender, goer, or receiver of short-term missions. Attendees should gain an understanding of why best practices in short-term missions are important, what is involved in doing short-term missions well, and have a sampling of a few tools to help them do that.












Cheron Hardy: Ambassadors Fellowship

Workshop Title: Discipleship: The Heart and Foundation of Missions

This workshop will cover the necessity of Discipleship in every aspect of missionary work, including missionary preparation (short or long-term) and in reached and unreached peoples. It will emphasize discipleship as the primary tool in accomplishing the great commission and in maintaining missionary health and effectiveness.  We will look at biblical portraits of discipleship and understand why discipleship in Jesus time was so much more than a Bible study or a program.  Participants will learn through many real-life mission field experiences in discipleship, through cultures such as atheists in the US to Islamic cultures and Animistic cultures and how discipleship can be tailored to target audiences.